Last night I had the honor of attending what may only be called the #QueerestWedding. This was an important event for the marrying couple, of course, being a most amazing day that was denied them simply because they love one another, oh the damn horror, but also an important one for their guests. Let me explain.

This was a celebration of love in the truest sense, not just of each other, but of all of us there. We are a community. Most of us did not know one another, some of us were scared of socializing, some of us can’t be who we are inside on the outside in our normal lives, but we made a point to be there (some only in spirit, but they were there). We pushed our boundaries and came together to celebrate that night the idea that being queer is not wrong. It is, in fact, quite all right.

I have been to many social events in my life. This was the most special thing I have ever taken part in. Everyone was loving, amazing, gorgeous. Everyone was joyous. I’ve never seen anything like it. People were gathering to share stories and personal strife, personal victories, share in the wonder of being there. Fighting the powers that be, trying to hold us all down for being who we really, truly are–lovely people with souls and hearts.

This wedding really meant something to everyone. And A & K, our most gracious hosts, our most loving conductors, the happily wedded couple, opened their hearts and lives to share this special light with us. They deserve all the happiness they can possibly take for what they bestowed upon us all. Never in my life have I met so many eager, happy people. I think we were all riding the high of acceptance last night.

I apologize that my thoughts aren’t the most cohesive right now. I’m still drowning in the absolute joy that it was to realize, without any doubt, that I belonged to a loving family and that being happy and loved can be as simple as hugging a stranger or shaking a hand.

Congratulations, A & K. I wish you all the love in the world.

~Lils, better known as Nikkita on this remarkable voyage.