Some songs seem to relate to a character, be it the mood it sets, the lyrical content, or a completely nonsensical feeling.  Whenever that happens, I add it to my playlists and do a victory dance.  I honestly don’t handle silence very well (I have constant chatter/static noises plaguing me that need a good drowning out!), and I absolutely love music, so these lists are always expanding and shifting like some sort of horrible fuzzy thing shoved to the back of the fridge for months on end.  If you have a song (or a million~ yessss, alllll the songssss…) feel free to comment with ’em!  I may not agree, or I may, but music is always a beautiful thing!

The Pixies – Is She Weird

The String Quartet – Peephole

Stepa – Aquarium

Brand New – Sowing Season

Nine Inch Nails – I Do Not Want This

Placebo – Post Blue

Thrice – Don’t Tell and We Won’t Ask

Nine Inch Nails – Capital G

The String Quartet – Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut From the Team)

Go Radio – Rolling in the Deep

Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

blessthefall – Dream On

The Living End – Wake Up

Alkaline Trio – This Could Be Love

David Draiman – Forsaken

Dry Cell – Body Crumbles

Alkaline Trio – Private Eye

Lucy Spraggan – Earthquake Mashup

Sum 41 – Screaming Bloody Murder

Senses Fail – The Ground Folds

Black Light Burns – Burn the World

VersaEmerge – Paint It Black

Alex Clare – Too Close

Papa Roach – Even If I Could

Kaizers Orchestra – Di Grind

Black Light Burns – Drowning Together, Dying Alone

Falling in Reverse – The Drug in Me is You

Brand New – At the Bottom

Our Lady Peace – Middle of Yesterday

Angelspit – Flesh Stitched On a Frame

Black Light Burns – Torch From the Sky

Break of Reality – Spectrum of the Sky

eScala – Palladio

Audioslave – Like a Stone

Combichrist – Through These Eyes of Pain

The Mars Volta – Zed and Two Naughts

KEN – Ashes
Kaizers Orchestra – Begravelsespolka

Falling in Reverse – I’m Not a Vampire

A Skylit Drive – Love the Way You Lie

Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (Photek Ruff Mix)

Hotwire – Invisible

Kaizers Orchestra – Evig Pint

Tracy Bonham – Brain Crack

Snake River Conspiracy – How Soon is Now?

Katzenjammer – A Kiss Before You Go

Kaizers Orchestra – Di Grind

Marcy Playground – Comin’ Up From Behind

Unknown (Repo! The Genetic Opera OST) – Let the Monster Rise

Regina Spektor – The Call

Adele – Rolling in the Deep

Queen – Killer Queen

Regina Spektor – Ne me quitte pas

Katy Perry – Growing Pains

Timbaland – If We Ever Meet Again (w/ Katy Perry)

Regina Spektor – Fidelity

Tenth Avenue North – Times

Metric – Raw Sugar
Toby Turner & Tobuscus – The Mini Minotaur Song

Diplo – 200

My Chemical Romance – Blood

Sarah Donner – The Motherfucking Pterodactyl


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