So you might have taken notice, but I like writing quite a few characters as I trek along the multiverse of life. Originally, I had wanted to publish an as-free-as-possible companion book to the 2121 series, titled The Thirteenth Scale. This is still highly likely, because I want to have my own personal copy, and that’s honestly how this publishing business began in the first place. However, what of my other creations? They are all interlinked in one way or another, weaving a great big splishy-splash web of color in my brain. I still want to share all my extra work with you all, but to do it for individual books is a bit tricky. To that end, this page has been made. Here I will take the time to split character profiles based on their particular world/realm/universe, for myself as much as it is for anyone who chooses to delve through it. On that note, cheers.



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