Spanners is the end result to a lifelong interest in various mythologies, history, and technology. Penny and Shaun are from modern times (okay, perhaps it’s a bit more of an advanced modern), but are pulled into ninth century Norway–or someplace doggedly attempting to be. Chance encounters reveal an unsettling, unbelievable truth, and they are soon caught up in the politics of a mythological realm before they are able to find a return path home. The opportunities afforded me with this story excite me terribly, and I can only hope the end result is worth your time!

Current Revision: 24th Jan. 2016 (First draft currently being written!)
Published: (not yet!)
Available: (nowhere!)


Penny and Shaun work for a secretive historical society whose members are collectively known as “Spanners”. They are tasked with building and tending to a temporal device that, under the right conditions, will hopefully enable them to review history as it truly happened. As with all devices, faulty or otherwise, in a rebellious fit against its human overlords, it explodes, seemingly sending the duo back in time and a bit to the left of known space. Despite being reasonably intelligent beings, Penny and Shaun separate under bad terms in this strange and snowy land. Penny is quickly dragged off by a terribly fashionable woman to tend large, boisterous men at a feast, and Shaun… Shaun finds himself greeted by the mysterious being known as “Loki”.


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