Behind the Moon (tentative title!) follows Edmund as he slips into the darkness of one world and into the sun of the next, finding himself foreign and strange to its denizens. The Great Elder of the Sylvans sends its scion, Nym, to accompany Edmund on his adventure, fearing him to be the “dark prince of the moon”. Together, Edmund and Nym embark on a journey of discovery and intrigue…

Current Revision: 24th Jan. 2016 (First draft currently being written!)
Published: (not yet!)
Available: (nowhere!)


Edmund didn’t summon a dark lord, nor did he perform any sort of blood ritual involving unruly goats. Yet the world doggedly insisted on opening up a pathway of darkness before him, and damned if he didn’t step right in. The change of scenery was… interesting, to say the least. Some of it even talked, like Nym. They insisted he was some sort of harbinger of death, a boogieman whispered amongst their fellow tree spirits to keep them rooted in place. Well, that was all well and fine by Edmund. It meant less troublesome people interfering with him. Or at least, he had hoped it would. Reality was having a swell time proving him wrong…


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