A Cat & His Box is the end result of brainstorming for my NANOWRIMO 2016 project, aiming for more of a teen genre than my previous projects. The idea really excited me, so I’m itching to get a head-start on it and just start my word count wherever I reach!

Current Revision: 10th Oct. 2016 (First draft currently being written!)
Published: (not yet!)
Available: (nowhere!)


They weren’t supposed to be out that night, but they were, kicking about in the rocks and watching the stars shine in the sky. That’s when something fell. But it was just a box. A plain, ordinary, beat-up, dusty old box. But that wasn’t what was so fascinating about it–that was the fact that it shook and yowled indignantly as if possessed by a soaked, previously-fiery demon. Bits of steam even seemed to be escaping its flaps. Mel was a fairly curious sort–or at the very least, the sort to do things they probably shouldn’t do–and thus it was up to them to open the box.

There was no soaked, previously-fiery demon inside, the steam was coming from tiny little beeping computers surrounding the inside of the box, and at its center… at its center sat a perfectly plain, ordinary, beat-up, dusty old cat. So that was what was making that terrible yowling. Mel expressed her disappointment, as any decent person would.

That’s when the cat protested. Verbally. With words. English, to be exact. And that’s when he offered to take everyone present to a fancy shindig out on Zurious-9. And Mel, being the sort to do things they probably shouldn’t do, agreed.


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