Because everyone loves a little romance…

…fluffy, dirty, or otherwise.

So fluffy you choke on it. So dirty it belongs at the bottom of a sewage drain. Perhaps even a bit of sewage lodged in your throat so you choke on it. I don’t know. People get off on some pretty odd stuff. And I am fully aware of this, and it intrigues me. Got a favorite pairing from my work? Doesn’t have to make sense or be cannon, that’s not the point of the thing now is it? Could be anything. Theo with a broom for example. I don’t even know why I suggested that (last I checked there aren’t any brooms at Redford – ::gasp:: maybe we have stumbled across the reason WHY??), but now the image is in my head. Who knows, maybe I have a cleaning fetish. Or business-suit witches.

Where was I? Oh, right. If you’ve poked here, you’re curious. Join the club. Tell me what characters you like, hell, share links to disturbing Redford fanfiction you’ve penned or found. I’m all for that stuff. Wish I’d write crazy fanfiction about my own people? I do too. I do sometimes. ::cackles:: It doesn’t end well, if you’ve seen any other fanfiction I’ve posted. I want to see you abuse my little peoples. It’s delicious!

Now, that’s just, you know, written words. What about scratch marks, daring to form images? These actually already exist, have existed for quite some time. At some point, I’ll link back to them. For now, know that they’re out there. And creepy.


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