The Thirteenth Scale is a WIP index for all things of the 2121 universe. This means that it includes in-depth spoilers regarding anything and everything. Once the last book of 2121 comes out, I’ll release the information for those who are actually curious.

Currently, this is just a structured page I’m building while I have it pictured in my head. X’D It will slowly grow to include my as-they-update data entries.

Current Revision: 18th July 2018
Published: (not yet!)
Available: (nowhere!)


Syfe. Reis Lopti. Redford. Neitoph. God-mods. Ezrael. Zombie Fever. If you’ve caught yourself wandering and wondering just what exactly is the deal with these things, then The Thirteenth Scale is the book for you. Psychological profiles, personal information, clarification, timelines, supplemental documents regarding events and objects perversely making themselves at home in the 2121 universe–it’s all here!

Gain a better understanding of the layout of the land of Neitoph. Learn the reason the insidious medication CHIPs was removed from the market. Discover things that even the characters know nothing about. Whatever your moldy black heart desires and more lies hidden within!


Section 00: An Explanation

Greetings, invisible you. You were always an interest of mine, and now I finally get to address you about something very mind-bogglingly silly. For me, that is.

The following material is my own personal reference notes on all the characters, places, and things populating the Redford universe–a bunch of pages dedicated to me keeping my head on straight. I’ve decided that, should you wish it, you could read and perhaps better understand any little nitpicking or nagging questions you may have had over the course of our journey together. As I write this, the database continues to expand, so bear with me please.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself a pot of tea or any other delicious beverage you may have on hand (I’m not entirely sure what invisible you’s like to drink, you understand). Welcome to my own personal version of The Thirteenth Scale.

Section 01: Questionable Personalities

Adrien Armandi
Alex “Prime” Bunk
Anabik Armandi
Brandon Krestler
Cordy Phelk
Dakota Markov
Danielle Willard
Dustin Powell
Justin Powell
Matthew Warden
Raquel Tyke
Ryan Dworze
Selena Allan
Thail Romstead
Vegas Star
Yaminella Romstead
Zackary Ezrael Tyke
Zoey Vorchek

Section 02: Helpful Sights

Reis Lopti

Section 03: Traumatized Timeline
Section 04: Choice Literature
Section 05: Terminal Terminology


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