The Redford Files is the first installment of the 2121 series! This volume introduces the Redford Institute, god-mods, and the crazy patients that run rampant in the halls.

Current Revision: Third Edition
Published: 27th September 2017
Available: paperback, kindle, and hardcover


The Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired is just one among many such facilities these days, but it remains special in a rather peculiar way. The patients it houses are of a certain devious variety that, for one reason or another, have altogether missed being washed (and let me tell you, it isn’t anything so pleasant as a bubble bath).

But I digress! Redford is quite the exciting place. There’s pants, toast, and curious happenings (a disturbingly delectable mix including bamfing trees, zombie fever, and body-swapping) that all clearly agree something is fundamentally and absolutely wrong. But if you walk through that door…

Join the newly-arrived patients of Redford as they struggle to make some sort of sense out of a world that intends to do anything but.

(There’s cake.)

Random trivia:
– I first wrote the characters used in The Redford Files back in 2005, but their world was drastically different! For starters, they met in school vs. an asylum, and the world wasn’t in nearly so bad of shape…
– This is my first completed work, and in its final form, took about a year to shape. It started out as many random saved chat conversations on AIM, scribbles in college notebooks, and notepad entries. I didn’t actually bother to format until it was finished.
– Many of the characters’ personas are built-upon versions of friends I’ve had over the years. Roughly half the main characters, to be precise. That isn’t to say they are ripped straight from reality, or one single person. They were thrown in a blender with pineapples and eel sauce and all manner of unpleasantries to reach the toxicity they have today!
– I’ve had people ask if Dakota is based on myself (or if I’d like to be like her). She isn’t. However, I’ve been told frequently by friends and family that Zack is most similar to me. That was entirely unconscious. If there were a character I’d like to be, it’s Lilania. She represents all the silly and fantastical things I’ve been known to daydream about! “The Heretic Domain” also refers to her (though why, I will not spill! XP)
– Day 0 (as I refer to the beginning of the book) happens to be 19th August 2121–my birthday. Based on character ages, I had to choose between 2nd August-7th September, and it just happened that my birthday worked best (the “season” that Redford starts in has always been the end of summer, bearing in mind that the original work had the characters starting school!)
– Because of the derpy circumstances of my mind and nature of how I published the book, I looked to book-loving friends that I trust to read the book and help me learn to take control of my awkward rambles (it has vastly improved!) In particular, my pal Jesus took over the chore of editing the work for grammar, flow, sensibility, and any little thing she thought would help. Personally, seeing how well she did, I think she has a future as an editor. Also as a steak goddess.
– The book is dedicated to a woman I’ve had at my side my entire life, my “budd”, Brittani Blanchard. She was a blessing and the best friend I could have ever asked for, no matter the time and distance we spent apart. She took her life during a particularly dark time for herself, leaving me with the heartpiece we share. It is with the warmth and goodness she instilled in me that I focused on this project and decided to take writing seriously.
– When the book was first published, I gave everyone credited with helping me a copy. My personal copy was “given” to Britt. I kept it nestled between my two favorite books when I moved. I have since unpacked, and it wasn’t there. Or anywhere else. I like to think Britt claimed her copy.
– When Zack is introduced, there is a brief comment about his temporary cat “Dingy”. If you ever wondered what Dingy was like… I found him.



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