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Redford is the end of a long line of a series of ends of very long lines, and it has finally claimed its first fated victims. If only they would hurry up and be good and proper corpses…

The Redford Files is the first installment of the 2121 series! This volume introduces the Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired, god-mods, and the crazy patients that run rampant throughout its halls.

2121- The Redford Files cover

Current Revision: Third Edition (Fourth and Final incoming soon, please wait!)
Published: 27th September 2017
Available: paperback, kindle, and hardcover


The Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired is just one among many such facilities these days, but it remains special in a rather peculiar way. The patients it houses are of a certain devious variety that, for one reason or another, have altogether missed being washed (and let me tell you, it isn’t anything so pleasant as a bubble bath).

But I digress! Redford is quite the exciting place. There’s pants, toast, and curious happenings (a disturbingly delectable mix including bamfing trees, zombie fever, and body-swapping) that all clearly agree something is fundamentally and absolutely wrong. But if you walk through that door…

Join the newly-arrived patients of Redford as they struggle to make some sort of sense out of a world that intends to do anything but.

(There’s cake.)


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