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I swear I will figure this out eventually…

Enter the Void is the third installment of the 2121 series! Join the waylaid Redford crew as they try to set everything wrong to right!

2121- Enter the Void cover

Current Revision: First Edition (Second and Final incoming soon, please wait!)
Published: 23rd September 2017
Available: paperback, kindle, and hardcover


The patients of the Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired (and a few more unfortunate souls) have been jumping between worlds, mirrors, and bedrooms. They’re having the time of their lives, which is probably a good thing, because they now know their very lives depend on it.

Motives and desires are put to the test as the wandering pioneers of Neitoph finally start to act on their minds and hearts—and not everyone is in agreement with what needs to happen next…

Lilania is running wild in Syfe, Raquel and her troupe are doing some serious soul-searching, and Zack and his friends are splitting apart at the seams. But what of Adrien and his master plan, you ask? Oh, you don’t? Well, that’s fine, because I’m not telling—and he isn’t in any position to do so, either.


Interested in reading a sample or purchasing a copy of 2121: Enter the Void? Click here!


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