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The wackest wacks are free of Redford at last, and it only cost one sick little Dakota Markov. Will they cooperate to bring her home, or will they well and truly say ‘Fuck it’?

Neitoph Calls is the second book of the 2121 series! Continuing where Book 01 left off, it details the adventures of the Redford patients in the strange new world of Neitoph!

2121- Neitoph Calls cover

Current Revision: Third Edition (Fourth and Final incoming soon, please wait!)
Published: 23rd September 2017
Available: paperback, kindle, and hardcover


Things aren’t great for the patients of the Redford Institute for the Psychologically Impaired. Following Adrien Armandi through the door in search of Dakota ends with them being lost and separated in a strange world called “Neitoph”. If they’re to survive, they must overcome their crazy personalities and odd quirks. The plan? Find Dakota and find out precisely what Adrien has up his sleeve. And they certainly aren’t the most cooperative of groups…

With Redford behind them and Neitoph before them (and some dark and creepy gaps in-between), the “god-mods” are free to run wild and stir up as much trouble as they please. Break free from the rusting shadows of Reis Lopti and shifting walls of Redford into the dangerous unknown that is Neitoph: dense forests, tribal pygmies, gigantic reptilian monsters, and more!

Join Zack, Ryan, Matt, Brandon, Zoey, and Dakota as they strive to survive in the untamed world of Neitoph! (And just who is that lurking around in the shadowy wilds? Your guess is as good as mine!)


Interested in reading a sample or purchasing a copy of 2121: Neitoph Calls? Click here!


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