Broken Practices?

Yo~ It’s been a pretty hot minute. But I’ve had so much stress-inducing insanity and frustrations involving another website that I let this one fall behind. Consider this an active work in progress starting next year to find a look I like enough not to let break with updates. Basic example? This last renewal of my website, there was no indicator that my package I usually buy was no longer going to be updated, but they sold it to me anyway~~~ So some functions are screwed up for me. YEY!

::cough:: Okay, so news, news… It’s difficult running a personal website and a Patreon at the same time, but I suppose I could do the research to see how others handle that. I think the general behavior is to put your public posts live on both sites. Makes enough sense. Plus, I get to talk about both my Patreon/Internet efforts here, unlike my wordsy Patreon.

“Both”, you utterly fail to ask? Well, you see, me and Foo have a joint sort of goal-oriented venture. We expect absolutely no attention from it as we need to improve skills and habits first before we could even consider taking it further. One of her “improvements” seems to be taking pictures of food, which, good on her? Hahaha. It’s practice, it’s practice~

The last couple days I’ve been improving my knitting, so I’m pleased. Knitting, crocheting, soon to be sketching, KETO, that sort of thing. Tomorrow I’ll be heading out to Foo’s and we can see how things are going in that arena. Improvements can be odd things. Right now I’m rating music on my MusicBee app and building playlists for the road.

I also haven’t gotten much writing done, but when I do, it’s mostly on Winter Red. It just seems like the appropriate thing to do since that book was next in line. I didn’t even participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Just couldn’t handle all the juggling. BUT I’ve gotten this  much figured out for the website tonight (yes, you just read a test post), so I’ll be off. Toodlepip an’ all that.



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