Much more pleasant than spoiled milk…

S-BOMB warning. That’s SPOILER-ALERT, for those less crude than I.

Now, these are children’s books, and delightfully brief, but I’d like to review them just the same. How to describe The Squickerwonkers? Narratively, it’s playfully devious. Children are, by their very nature, a mixed bag of good and bad traits. These books seem to appeal to the bad, but ultimately lead towards the good, if you understand my meaning. Art-wise, this book and its sequel are by different artists, but in a similar vein. The art style speaks to the deviousness, the queerness of these tales.

The Pre-Show introduces us to both the Squickerwonkers themselves and Selma, soon to be Selma the Spoiled. She’s a royal brat that wants everything, and I do mean everything. It’s ultimately her downfall, and how she becomes one of the Squickerwonkers. Each of these playful characters has exaggerated traits, things that are mostly negative. My favorite design-wise is Lorna the Lazy, who looks like a sullen goth teen.

Evangeline Lilly has a playful way of rhyming, and it’s wonderful, and I’m happy to support her by owning these little beauties. I don’t have any children to share them with but the child in my head is happy enough, thank you very much!

Interested in The Squickerwonkers: The Pre-Show? It can be purchased here.

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