In the end, there is a beginning…

S-BOMB warning. That’s SPOILER-ALERT, for those less crude than I.

And here we are, everyone. The final chapter in the long history of the land of Narnia: The Last Battle. Ironically, the lesson this book has is perfectly timed: At every end, there’s a new beginning, and it’s bigger and brighter and better than the previous journey ever could be. Whatever allegories aside, the ending to this tale is much-needed after the dark hopelessness that is the majority of this particular book.

The last king of Narnia has his kingdom ripped out from under him by a non-believing ape named Shift, and nervous donkey named Puzzle. Puzzle is a poor beast, in that he is a Talking Beast, and, while uncertain of Aslan’s presence, does feel that the Lion probably exists and probably doesn’t like Shift’s strange plan to dress Puzzle up in a lion’s skin and pretend to be Aslan’s spokespersons. A false Aslan.

Many dark things happen. The king is captured and alone. The Calormens have stealthily invaded and are cutting down the Talking Trees and employing the Talking Beasts into slavery and selling both out of the country. The last days are just plain bleak as hell. The king manages to call forth Eustace and Jill, who attempt to help him reveal the false Aslan for what it is (they even free poor Puzzle from his part in things), but it all is too far gone. The Calormens have called upon their own god, Tash, and he has come.

In the end, there is a sorting. Those who do things in the name of good, are taken by Aslan. Those who do things in the name of bad, are delivered unto Tash. And then, when all has gone dark and defeat has happened… they awaken in a bright place. Aslan’s Country. Every friend of Narnia is here, in their prime, and joyfully reunited. The book sort of glosses over a few character deaths in order to have brought everyone together like this, but they’re happy, so it can’t be a terrible thing, yes? Haha. At any rate, this land is new, ready to be explored, and all our best friends are back. Forever.

Onward and upward!

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