A haunting… or just life?

S-BOMB warning. That’s SPOILER-ALERT, for those less crude than I.

Shirley Jackson always delivers a very enjoyable read, though sometimes I feel as though it’s been advertised wrong. Or maybe I’m a lot more comfortable reading paranormal/horror than I am watching it? The Haunting of Hill House is one such instance. I was wary of reading it, ‘cos I knew the gist of it from movies, so I didn’t want to be alone in my house reading it. So during one visit to Foo’s, I laid in bed and read it. Fast.

It’s a good read. But what appears to be severe hauntings afoot are things that I experience throughout my day, or second guess myself with via hallucinations, all the time. So it definitely left me with a “That’s all?” sort of mentality by the end of the novel.

Characters. There’s only a few, but they’re rather varied. I enjoy Theodora, who is lighthearted and odd. The main character, Eleanor, is the maddened one, the one everyone seems to feed off of briefly. Mostly, she frustrated me that she wasn’t being practical when dealing with these strange incidents, which may say more about my acceptance of my hallucinations than it does of her as a character.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable read, though characters sometimes behaved in frustrating ways. I just wouldn’t call it frightening, if anything. Jackson still proves to be an enthralling author, to put it mildly.

Interested in The Haunting of Hill House? It can be purchased here.

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