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Action Roll to Victory!

After a distressing few weeks of being too braindead to edit, I am happy to announce that 2121: Neitoph Calls has broken free of the main editing phase and entered the… other-eyes phase. Next up on the plate is Dreamscape,

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Of Trolling Tweeters.

And by “trolling tweeters” I mean this little pesky bird on my window sill. Derp woke me up by repeatedly body-slamming the window and falling into his water dish below, all because this little bird is staring at him and

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Onward and outward!

Yo again!  Hope all’s well with the world.  I completed the draft to 2121: Neitoph Calls the other day, so it’s officially moved into edit mode!  Toying around with some characters for Behind the Moon (tentative title) and finding some fresh tracks

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