Factoring Olfactories!

Welcome to another of my weird little rating pages, mostly for my own benefit, and also to satisfy random boredom. This one is for smelly things, like perfumes, candles, incense! If I manage to get back into burning a lot of things at my desk, they may get their own pages. But, for now, I mostly own perfume oils. I’m allergic to a lot of random aerosols, and perfumes mostly hurt my sinuses and throat, but a few years back the dearest M introduced me to perfume oils, and I fell smack into love! My favorite distributor (and the one I was originally shown!) is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. I’ve purchased from them three times now, and each order has come with lovely little free samples, clearly labeled for me to find the oil on their site later (smart marketing~). I may never get a chance to try other merchants though, because BPAL has various limited edition series quite often and they’ve never let me down. Their oils come in amber vials (exception being the samples), in secure packaging.

Now, a disclaimer for those that aren’t fully aware of how perfumes (especially oils!) behave: they will smell differently on each person. They mingle with your own personal scent to create the final result! So just because I’m not fond of a particular scent, don’t consider it doomed. We all have different perceptions of things, there’s unknown variables, and some of my tastes are just downright weird, haha! And as always, I will provide direct links to store pages whenever possible!

~Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oils~


Black Moths


Deep in Earth


Fenris Wolf

The Forest Reverie

Hemlock Honey


Machu Picchu