Tasty Teas of Tastiness!

Let’s get right into the nitty-gritty. I drink a LOT of coffees and teas, be they cheap grocery store items or fancy whatever-the-hell’s people share with me. I’ll start the list off with the blended teas, since some of them aren’t truly one tea type or another, but the rest will be alphabetized by type.

BUT! Firstly, let’s talk tools of the trade. I have used a hodgepodge of little things here and there over the years, but I’ve cobbled together what I feel is a fine kit for making my preferred poisons.


I rarely use this thing anymore, but it’s pretty handy when you want to steep more than one cup at a time! When you’re ready, you set it on top of your cup and it pours the tea from its bottom. Neat little thing. Teavana still sells newer models of it, but this one is no longer available. It’s considered a tea maker, and I think they used to brand it as a Perfect Cup one. Just as a note, the mesh in this model (and possibly the newer ones) is not removable and you can’t buy replacements (hence why I don’t rely on it too much!).


As a birthday gift for myself a few years ago, I purchased a Breville model electric tea kettle from Teavana. It comes equipped with five different temperature presets, which I’ve listed below. I’ll provide the setting name and the specific temperature for each tea entry though, just for convenience’s sake!

Green (175°F)
White (185°F)
Oolong (195°F)
French Press (200°F)
Boil/Black (212°F)


I like fancy little tea cups, though I lack a proper set for company since I rarely entertain anyone at all. For sharing’s sake I’ll show my teaware here!




And now… the teas!


~[Blended Teas]~

Blueberry Bliss & Strawberry Lemonade Blend (Teavana)
Winterberry Blend (Teavana)

~Black Teas~

Chai: French Vanilla (Twinings)

Chai Spice (Stash)

Classic Blend (Benner)

Earl Grey (Twinings)

English Breakfast (High Grown) (Teavana)

Irish Breakfast (Twinings)

Lady Grey (Twinings)

Orange Pekoe Tea (Mother Parkers)

~Green Teas~

Açai, Dragonfruit and Melon Superfruit (Lipton)

Blackberry and Pomegranate Superfruit (Lipton)

Ginger (Impra)
Gyokuro Genmaicha (Teavana)
Jasmine Pearls (unknown)

Red Goji and Raspberry Superfruit (Lipton)

Sakura Allure (Teavana)

White Mangosteen and Peach Superfruit (Lipton)

~Herbal Teas~

Azteca Fire (Teavana)

Gingerbread Spice (Celestial)

Pure Peppermint (Twinings)

Raspberry Zinger (Celestial)

Tomato Lime Cocktail (Teavana)

Wild Raspberry Hibiscus (Stash)

~Mate Teas~

~Oolong Teas~

Pumpkin Spice Brulée (Teavana)

~Rooibos Teas~

~White Teas~

Legends of China White Tea (Uncle Lee's)

Snow Geisha (Teavana)

Tupelo Honey Fig (Tea forté)

~Yellow Teas~


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