Na na, Na na, Batman!

That’s not how it goes (try telling him that)!
Ahem. Anyway. I’m here to announce that 2121: Neitoph Calls, book 2 in the series, is now online and available at The “look inside” feature isn’t up and running yet, and the kindle version is still on a separate page, but they’re both there (think they merge after a week or so).
For those who aren’t aware of the program yet (or those who are curious), Amazon now has a feature called Kindle Matchbook that allows you to buy kindle versions of books you’ve previously bought at a discount (if they’re enrolled in the program). All my work is enrolled in the program.
And now for your live action news. I am sitting here typing this. Back to your regularly scheduled program.
I’m working on book 3 of 2121, Dreamscape, and an untitled… horror-esque type thing. I don’t see the horror, but I’m told the content may horrify. Oh my. Anyway, if you’re curious about anything or just bored and want to poke me, hit me up on twitter. ::dashes into the brightly lit morning::
2121: Neitoph Calls (Amazon listing):



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