On travelling and doing the funners…

Okay, yo! I’m currently in Texas, editingĀ 2121: The End of Syfe. It’s sitting at nearly 103k words and I’m in Chapter 07 of 17. Good times. Chapter 06 had a good bit of hack and slash to make it presentable, but so far 07 is mostly intact. I had a major detour this last weekend, which can be read about at lengthĀ here at my Patreon. Suffice to say it was very good and very necessary for my little brain to feel good. Tonight we’re eating bulgogi.

I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to a new audiobook yet, and all the reading I’ve done was mostly comics, but I’m taking healthy breaks in editing so I don’t just go nuts with the book. But yeah, just a brief status update. Hoping to finish editing within the week!



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