My brain, it physically lies…(?)

This is a small update to say, I think I’m finally going to start working onĀ 2121: The End of Syfe again. But very slowly. I’ve been in a funk that is starting to escalate, mostly due to various doctor visits and school orientation coming. I’ll post again when I know more about what’s going on, but the options on the table are a little disturbing, although not dangerous. My orientation is Tuesday, so it’s hopeful that once it’s done I’ll be a little less on edge.

I want to write, but it’s difficult with my brain so clogged up. Right now I’m attempting to wipe my laptop at Mum’s so it stops lagging so much when I write. I definitely won’t make my goal of the end of June for this book, but hopefully July? If I can get the wheels turning faster. Who knows. My little brain is so raw from everything going on and it’s barely started.



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