When one attempts to represent…

Yo! Greetings. Hi. Or whatever. ::prods:: Is this thing on?

I realize I don’t exactly use social media very often, which some people find surprising considering the amount of time I spend on a computer. I’ve just never been particularly interested in it all, honestly. So there’s long gaps between my activity on various sites, particularly when I’m unable to really deal with society’s… things. ::shudder::

Anyway! I’ve got news! Currently my books should be removed from distribution while their newest editions get proofed. Might take a week or two. Once that happens, I will be running a free e-book promo for them (Kindle only, sorry, but the app is free! ::nudge::) in anticipation of book 3, 2121: Enter the Void, being released. Literally the only reason it’s not sitting in proofing yet is because I’m sitting on the preview of book 4, making sure it’s as up-to-date with book 4 as possible. I foresee that to drop in September, in which case, another promo will run. These are being done in the hopes that, one, I gain readers, and two, possibly gaining reviews for the books. I could really benefit from reviews, y’all. Seriously. It’d be a huge help, for my book’s stats as well as my own understanding of what people liked and didn’t like about my writing!

For some odd reason the site page for the 2121 books on Facebook has been garnering followers (I assume people just horde likes? I dunno how FB works at all, most days), so I’m going to try and keep that feed active as well, with announcements about promos and activities and the like. At the very least, I’ve made the page more relevant to what it’s for and updated the look of it to match the current branding.


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