Welcome…! to the Land Left of Center.

Yo! I’m wondering how you’ve stumbled upon these words, since they exist in a black hole somewhere left of my mind. Have you read something I’ve written? Have you seen me on Twitter? Did you somehow randomly type what turned out to be my name and BAM? (Are you even real?)

Well, the strings of fate unite us. Hopefully there’s no old hags with scissors nearby.

As of right this moment, I’ve written and self-published three books (all of which are in the 2121 series), and have other projects in various stages of life. I’m currently working heavily on book 4 of 2121, The End of Syfe. It’s slated to be the final book in the 2121 series. If you want to keep a creepy eye on me, feel free to stalk me on Twitter or poke the Blog page (the now-mostly-static front page was the previous blog feed).

I recently began keeping an active Patreon page to create an interactive community for my work as well as allow people to subscribe to me for more regular, more detailed updates of what is happening in my world of cats, tea, and wordsies. You can find it here. If you like the idea of supporting indie authors but can’t commit to a subscription or just want to throw me a tip, you can use my ko-fi link to “buy me a coffee” as all the cool kids say.

If you’re interested in reading samples or picking up a copy, visit one of the sites below.

Amazon (Paperback and Ebook)
Barnes and Noble (Paperback)
CreateSpace (Paperback)
Lulu (Hardcover)




One comment on “Welcome…! to the Land Left of Center.
  1. Yvonne says:

    So exciting! Yay, number 3!! It’s about time, can’t wait!

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